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Day 7 - Relaxation and reflection

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The Sabbath day today was declared a day of rest. Some went fishing, some went to church, some went kayaking and the the rest stayed in bed.

FISHING (tune of Gilligan's Island)

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
a tale of a fateful trip
That started from this tropic port
Aboard this tiny ship.

The mate (Denis) was a mighty sailing man
The skipper (Garry) brave and short
Professor NIck also set sail that day
For a 3 hour rort.

Owner Gideon's motor started cutting out
The tiny boat was stuffed
If not for the coverage of Seth's phone
The swim back would be tough

They waved a shirt for rescue
To get them back on track
Before they came to rescue them
The friendly crew waved back
The friendly crew waved back

No fish,no fish, no fish,no fish
No luck on the new red boat
Only thing seen that day
A massive dolphin pod.

So this is the tale of the fisherman
No dinner caught that day
They'll have to make a story up
About the one that got away.
About the one that got away.


Some intrepid souls tried out some kayaking at the resort. Lucas bravely joined his Mum and Julie for a trip down the river towards the sea. It was interesting to see wealth and poverty displayed side by side in the dwellings by the river. Julie and Kathryn felt quite pleased with their kayaking skills till they were swiftly passed by a young boy standing on a broken surfboard. Karen, Cindy and Janine had their first go kayaking, and Cindy has declared that she is going to buy one when she gets home.

We picked up starfish from in the water and I held one. It felt smooth and I had it on my hand just like this (he says while showing me his hand). Joking Julie had one on her head. We put them on the canoe then we put them on the land.        By Lucas.


Robyn, Keith, and Andrew joined the locals at Kakiriki church, at the bottom of the hill we had walked up every day, for Sabbath Saturday worship.  All the churches of the district came together for their monthly combined worship.  The Fokona men sang when it was their turn. They were absolutely awesome again.  The testimonies were in Bislama, as was most of the early part of the service.  One lady gave a testimony and used the word 'challenge' a lot.  The songs were in English and most well known to us visitors.  Keith and Andrew mostly sang from Reg's i-pad in the pew in front of us.  Unaccompanied of course, and the harmonies were fabulous.

  The second hour was taken up with a Bible study on the book of Malachi.  It was very interactive.  Many people made comments as we went along, but only the men.  They always ended their comment by saying 'thanjyou'.  Reg was the only one who made his comments in English.  After two hours, it was starting to get long, but there was still the foot washing and communion to come.  Everybody took part in washing someone else's feet, and getting their own feet washed.  David, the elder who had joined us on the first day, washed pastor Andrew's feet and vice versa.  The preparation for communion was in english-a long sermon referring to the last supper and the reunion of Jesus and his disciples after the resurrection.  Communion was long enough to sing about 25 songs.  All in all there were about 100 songs, mainly sankeys.  We sang 'i surrender all' three times during the service, each time amazingly moving.  Finally filed out in a very orderly fashion, supervised by a muscly usher, at 12.45.  We greeted Richard, Carl, Wilson and some others before joining Foman on the bus for the return trip.

By Andrew