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Day 6 - Bind us together Lord

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Lukim U !

Final Building Stages
The  door arrived on the final day which Reg aptly 'fixem  place'. Keith our resident glazier cutem glass efficiently 'makum'  32 louvers for the medical center.  The 'ova fellas' use muscle holdem  upem parts of the white, acrylic corflute ceiling. It a  finiky job but one well worth the effort, as the finished product 'coolee  room' and provided a very hygienic look. Robyn set to work once the area was cleared. She 'sprayem n wipem' all the clinic windows while thinking of her own dirty windows at home.

Island shopping
We were lucky to find time for last minute duty free ,shoppem' and browse the local markets. The stalls near 'wota' are mainly rented by the different Island women offering both local and imported souveniers such as  sarongs,  clothing, hair beading, bags and carvings.The local ladies sew the products on old hand wind singers which cost around $90 AUD. If you could afford an electric machine it would cost $680 AUD.  Janine and I met Linda from Santo Spiritus who painfully'  soothed away our sore muscles from building and  cascades waterfall sliding. So we ' listem to musac ' , Jesu songs,  in Tanna language, 'We meet n eatum at Jill's cafe in the  main street before returning for the last time to Fokona. 

Janine witnessed some new singing talents, so after one practice the decision was made that our team would 'singum ' Bind Us Together Lord' at the dedication service. The local ladies' bringem eatum' and  Seth n the boys decorated the area. Once all was ready they 'killem gong'. The number of hits associated with the 'numba' minutes to starting time. The district Pastor opened the ceremony then the community 'givem' gifts to RoaM team. Pastor Andrew was presented with a traditional walking stick carved by an Ambrose local carver. The rest of the team were provided by 'Mother Habits'  colloquially known as Mu Mu dresses and shirts from town sewn by community members. Pastor Andrew  'spekem' blessing then members from both countries opened the center by splitting the palm leaf.

Worship service
Traditional seating in the church was mothers and pikkinin on one side and fathers on the other side. The locals dedicated their first song Faith of Our Fathers to the men in our group followed by a memorable version of 'M O T H E R Means the World to Me.
M million things she gave Me 
O  old only that she growing 
T tears she shed to save me  
H heart as pure as gold 
E eyes love- light shining  
R  righteousness she always 

Julie presented a poster and tracts to the church community, and Gary had the opportunity to hand out Gideon bibles.  The youth group sang 'Someone Is Praying For You' and as usual Helena's tears flowed followed by a few others too. Pastor Andrew shared a bible reading and message to reinforce the blessings that we have once again received from people who have so little but are content and fully rely on 'Papa God'. We then sang the Christmas Blessing and another rendition of Bind us together.  The last walk through the jungle in the dark was a new experience but thanks to Wilson and Betty we arrived safely to the bus which 'drivem' us home.

Tok Tok Helena.